In November 2010 Peddler and Vine was opened..

We deal with small to medium sized wine producers who require attentive customer service. At Peddler and Vine we offer quality wine storage, distribution, delivery and wine repackaging services to discerning wineries.


Peddler and Vine offers a full range of services to accommodate the needs of the wine industry.

Our key areas of business are:

        Wine storage – Secure climate controlled premise, flexible dispatch and good rates

        Wine distribution – Coordination of delivery to local restaurants, interstate and globally


        Repackaging – Over stickering, capping and carton exchange 

        Labelling – Bottle labelling, carton labelling and specialised label applications

        Freight Forwarding – Full facilities to accommodate container packing and global distribution

Having over 20 years experience working in the wine industry we understand the varied requirements of wine distribution. Peddler and Vine is able to provide mixed product picking into one carton, chilled delivery of wines – with given notice, a capped price for mixed pallet picks, no picking fees for wine being labelled and remaining in storage and delivery of wine samples to wine writers and journalists, AWBC, AWRI and DHL.

Peddler and Vine operates out of an insulated warehouse. The facility has a 24 hr monitored system with cameras on all doors to ensure deliveries and dispatches are recorded for your peace of mind. 

We wish to remain as flexible and accommodating as possible and deliver services appropriate to our customers. Please talk with us if there is an additional service you would like us to provide, and we will be happy to work with you on it.

Peddler & Vine